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+ bastard literrally means "the one who's stinking shit, cos he used to shit in his pants". Is used to stress one's infantility, misery etc.

zassat'(verb, inf)

to scare The underlying meaning is "to piss into panties being scared"; see also "prissat'"


++ boring, muthafuckin' Is used to describe smth. that (ore someone who) bored the one who's talking too much. The literally translation should be "evil-fuckin'" EX: "Suka ty zlo'ebuchaya" - "You're motherfucking bitch"


ëb tvoju mat'

++ 'fuck you' Literally 'I have fucked your mother.' 'ëb' is an obsolete form of the past tense masculine singular. The normal past tense of "ebat'" is "ebal, ebala, etc.". This is probably the most offensive term in Russian, though commonly used.

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